Dr. Robin’s Covid-19 Updates

Eighteen Vaccine Questions Answered in Under Six Minutes

My friend, a front-line critical care doc at Children’s, beaming behind her mask, as she receives her first vaccine against COVID-19
  1. Because they figured out Covid’s whole genetic code within days and then invented a vaccine in about half an hour (slight exaggeration but not much);
  2. Because scientists have been studying other coronaviruses behind the scenes for years;
  3. Because scientists have been studying mRNA vaccines behind the scenes for years;
  4. Because researchers have figured out how to do really good vaccine trials and have worked out a lot of the kinks;
  5. Because there was so much coronavirus around and it’s so contagious that trials could finish up quickly;
  6. Because the government, industry, and a bunch of charities poured buckets of money into this research;
  7. Because the government paid for vaccines to be manufactured before the studies were done and sped all their processes up;
  8. Because they’ve been working on vaccine distribution for months;
  9. Because if you spend a ton of money miracles can happen.
  • Some people got their shots in July and they have been followed ever since (five months) with no new side effects during that time.
  • As a rule with viruses you just don’t see side effects or reactions more than few weeks after getting a vaccine
  • The FDA didn’t even look at the data until an average of two months after the last dose was given
  • It is possible there will be new reactions or allergic reactions seen when the vaccine is given to eight gajillion more people but so far it’s all been temporary and easily handled

Covid-Translator. Cancer doc: ~Three decades at MGH. Writer and storyteller: Moth Grand Slam Champion. Mom. www.DrRobin.org, @robinshome, robinshome2@gmail.com

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