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President Biden’s Covid

Ten Advances in Covid Science That Kept Him Okay

Robin Schoenthaler, MD
5 min readJul 27, 2022


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Update: Most numbers are up as the BA.5 version of Omicron takes over. There’s a ton of Covid out there, friends, and most cases I hear about are related to travel or large family gatherings.

Nowadays, if you travel, eat, drink, or shout indoors (which I consider part and parcel of a typical family gathering), you can get Covid.

You can get Covid even though you had it last month or last year, and you can get Covid despite being vaccinated, and you can get Covid despite being boosted.

But if you are vaccinated and boosted, it’s very unlikely you’ll die. Which is very awesome and is a tribute to Covid Science Advances.

This is what’s happened with President Biden.

He has received four shots so he was “SaferR,” but he’s also been out and about. Meeting people in the Oval Office, hugging strangers, sitting on tarmacs, eating with others — these are currently risky business, and particularly risky without a mask.

So he caught Covid despite the shots. Not unexpected.

What is expected is that he’ll do fine.



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