Robin Schoenthaler, MD
6 min readNov 10, 2021

Dr Robin’s Covid-19 Updates

Testing + Turkey = Thanksgiving 2021

Maybe at-home testing can help us celebrate without a surge

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I’m a Boston-based cancer doctor and I’ve been writing weekly fact-based-no-blame-no-rumors-all-science-all-the-time essays about Covid-19 since March 2020.

You can read my views on why to get your cold symptoms tested here — or about boosters here — or you can read about vaccines/anti-vaxxers throughout history here

Numbers of US hospitalizations and deaths improved this week. Cases are stable at a way-too-high 71,000 per day.

Unfortunately, numbers are not going down very quickly and there’s still considerable suffering. Except for that lovely quiet priod in June and July, our health care workers have been taxed to the max for most of the last 16 months. They are still our heroes. Think of them at Thanksgiving (they’ll probably be working).

Still, vaccination and now boosters are providing wonderful protection for many of us, and our lives are moving towards some kind of normal.

Of course, it’s not our old kind of normal. It’s a **Covid-Quasi-Normal**, where we have to keep running our Eternal Infernal Internal Constant Covid Calculus (EIICCC) in our brains about how to keep safe, or at least SafeR.

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